Wednesday, June 2, 2010


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Love you all!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday night adventure!

I know. I didnt follow what I said. One post a day. Ive now skipped two days. sorry!

Friday I went to Disneyland! I went with Nolan Henslick, Nick Boyd and Elise Bergerson! We all had a great time. The park wasnt very crowded and the spirit of the day was way up! The friends I was with just made my day. I love them all very much.

Here are some words that are triggers of the day:

  • Dezi
  • tuanga tuanga
  • Attaching the chain to Elise’s purse
  • Trust Fall
  • walking diagonally
  • Sour Balls
  • Bumper Cars
  • Bread Bowls
  • Glozell1’s cousins

SOoOo many more stories than that, but im sort of lazy and having a lot of fun doing other things right now. Maybe Ill say more some other time.

Peace and Blessings, Peace and Blessings.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

ZERO capacity

So after I got home from Kenya a few weeks back, I put all my pictures on my computer with hopes to upload them to my blog, and facebook, and our team Flikr account and such, but with the 2,500 pictures that i took while i was there, my computer now has zero memory left.

I am currently sitting at my computer putting all of my 14,000 photos i have taken over the years into shared files so i can burn them all onto a disk on my mothers laptop. I am hoping that by the end of this weekend i will be able to show some love to facebook and my blog with more and more pictures of Kenya.
short and sweet today so i can get back to work on transferring all these photos.
oh and ps. there is a chance i may be switching to a tumblr account here in the near future just because many more of my friends have an account over there! stayed tuned to hear when i make the switch!

Photo #2 Caption: This is our team minus a few who had some passport issues back in LA. We just arrived in Kitale, Kenya ready to do some awesome ministry. This was our fourth plane ride going there and it was after we spent the night in Nairobi, Kenya for the night. Doesn't the team look refreshed and ready to go? I know I was soo stoked to be in Kenya; this place I had been praying for and only dreaming of what it would be like. We had finally landed on the red soil!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

8 more.. just 8

Last weekend, I had another one of those crazy realizations.
I only have 8 more HSM services left in my high school career.
I couldnt even comprehend what that meant at first just because I was just living in the moment, but that means in approximately 56 days I will no longer have the privilege to take advantage of every opportunity HSM (High School Ministry) provides for its students. Such a bummer if you ask me!
In just a few weeks time, I will be a college student at the University of California Los Angeles.

Crazy! From Mustang to Bruin. From vocab quizes to research papers. From 7am class to 2pm lectures! Thinking ahead is bittersweet. There are so many people that I will miss, but I know they will all be available to contact and talk to often even if im up at school next year.

Its going to be such a journey for me also! I have been given the privilage to work alongside the Womens Gymnastics Team at UCLA, while I am there. Could not be more excited for that! I have been able to get on the floor at Pauley Pavillion this year to help assist Miss Val (head coach) and it has been so much fun! Ive been able to get to know a few of the girls as well and its been awesome to get the chance to talk with them about Kenya, and high school life and other sorts of conversations. They are an awesome team and I cannot wait to be a part of it in just 4 quick months.

Today I have been working on scholarships that I still need to apply for. Each time i go onto the UCLA website i get more and more excited each time! Im sure you will all be hearing of my adventures while i am there!

Ps. I tweeted last night that I would post on this daily. This is the first post of the first day. So far.. mission accomplished! Also there will be a Kenya picture of the day, everyday! Here is number 1!

Photo #1 Caption: So an awesome friend Allison Hibbard made 30 "Alice's" for our team to give away to people at the different places we visited while we were there! This picture is of two school teachers at Discover to Recover which is a school for children who are affected or infected with HIV/AIDS. Our team spent about 2 hours there and we just got to hang out with the kids and play football and run around with them. They were all filled with joy and love and it was just a great place to be as one of our last places we went doing Ministry while we were in Kitale.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Silent Song Devotional

Here is a post I just completed for our You Own the Weekend Series happening this weekend in the High School Ministry! Check it out!
Hey Friends!

In this crazy busy week, we need to just take a step back and listen to God.

For the service we will be showing a silent song. A silent song is a bunch of thought provoking words, verses, phrases, thoughts, and questions, that will challenge the congregation to dig deeper into the lyrics of todays worship music.

With the song below, have your own quiet time with God while you listen. What comes to mind? What is God doing in your heart through this song? How does Unity with God, the church and the world pertain to this song? How does this song make you feel? What verses come to mind? Any Bible stories that you make think of? Write them all out in the comment space below and we will compile them all to assist in the silent song presentation for this weekend.

Listen to the song, Surely We Can Change, by David Crowder. The song is in the Youtube video below so we know we are all listening to the same song:

Really take this to heart. Think about the congregation and how this song can impact others.

Love you guys. Thank you for all your hearts on this serving opportunity. Cannot thank you all enough.


Monday, March 1, 2010

2 minute brain matter!

Here I sit, just contemplating what the next few weeks have in store for me. I see so many different opportunities, tasks, friendships, and so much more. I leave for Kenya in 2 days and 10 hours almost exactly, and I am just sooo stoked. I seriously cannot describe my excitement!
Im trying to start gathering all of the things I need to pack before I leave and its just ramping up the excitement more and more every minute I take something out and lay it on the floor! I have decided to only t-shirts that I will be leaving at Oasis of Hope. I will be donating them after we wash them on the last day! I thought it would be just a small thing I could do for the people who are in need of some clothes on their back.
Pastor Steve sent us an email today, because he is already in Kitale, and he was telling us that rainy season has already hit Kenya! He said it has rained every afternoon so far while he has been there and it is pretty chilly at night. It is summer there, so there will still be a lot of sun and hot weather, but he told us to remember our sweatshirts, ponchos and umbrellas when we are packing.
I got to get back to work, but I thought I would stop in and spill some brain matter! So stoked for Kenya on Thursday! Love you all!
Photo Caption: This is a picture of the new Oasis of Hope building in Kitale, Kenya that our team will be doing our summer camp at! These are just some of the kids that drop in each day and hang out! I took this photo from a blog site of another woman who has gone to Kitale recently with Saddleback! It makes me excited just to read her stories that she has posted about Oasis!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend!

My Weekend is definitely a busy one, but I am hoping to be able to fill in everyone on a lot of things before I venture off to Kenya in 6 days!

Here is the plan for the weekend:

French Club Luncheon at THHS.
Lunch with Amy Narramore.
Coffee with Taylor Shanton.
Hang out with the B-day girl JORDAN GUNDERSON!
CSUF for the UCLA vs. CSUF gymnastics meet!

Winter Formal with Jordan Gunderson! :) Pictures will be up soon after!

Church in the morning. (Sean McDowell's Q: series)
Lunch with Julianna and Elise.
Family time/Packing for Kenya

That there is my weekend! Im excited for all of the awesome things to begin!
Hopefully I will be able to get to the computer to update you on some awesome things that happened this week! Cant wait to tell you all!

Picture Caption!: This is me and my little buddy Jadin Griffin, son of my mentor, who I got to go to Disneyland with a few weeks back. I was there with his big sister Lexy and his dad! It was a really fun time! Love this little guy!